MOSAiC Virtual Expeditions

MOSAiC Virtual Experiences

The MOSAiC expedition may be happening far away from civilization in the middle of the Arctic, but now you can experience what it is like to go on a remote expedition to the Arctic with these free 360-degree virtual experiences!


MOSAiC VR tour

MOSAiC Expedition Virtual Reality Tour

Created in partnership with our friends at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, this 'choose your own adventure' tour allows you to explore the MOSAiC Ice Camp like never before and get a front row seat to the unprecedented work conducted by MOSAiC scientists!



Explore the Arctic Aboard the Fram

Google Expedition: Explore the Arctic Aboard the Fram

In 1893 Fridtjof Nansen successfully froze a specially-designed ship, the Fram, into Arctic sea ice in an attempt to drift to the North Pole. Take a virtual stroll through the Fram and learn all about Nansen and his crew's adventures in the Arctic with this virtual expedition. Photo: National Library of Norway


MOSAiC distributed network

Google Expedition: MOSAiC Distributed Network

The MOSAiC expedition aims to better understand the changing Arctic climate system. At the heart of the MOSAiC expedition is the German icebreaker, Polarstern, which was transformed into a drifting climate observatory for an entire year. To study the system at both a local and regional scale, the Russian vessel, Akademik Fedorov, deployed a network of research stations (distributed network) on ice up to 50 km from the Polarstern. See what it’s like to do fieldwork in the Arctic! Photo: Marcel Nicolaus


Remote Arctic Lab

360-Degree Video: Remote Arctic Lab

What's it like working in a remote lab on board a ship in the middle of the Arctic? Click and drag in this 360-degree video to find out.




Arctic Buoy Repairs

360-Degree Video: Arctic Buoy Repairs

How does one repair a buoy frozen in sea ice? Click and drag in this 360-degree video from the MOSAiC expedition to find out!




Tower of Terror

360-Degree Video: Tower of Terror

Watch MOSAiC researchers work near a meteorological tower on Arctic sea ice in this 360-degree video experience. Click and drag for a full 360-degree view!




Soccer on ice

360-Degree Video: Arctic Soccer Game

Watch one of the most extreme soccer games you'll ever see being played on sea ice in the Arctic during the 2019-2020 MOSAiC research expedition. Click and drag for a full 360-degree view!






Tower repairs

360-Degree Video: Tower Repairs

Watch as scientists climb a meteorological tower on the ice to repair instruments that collect atmospheric data during the 2019-2020 MOSAiC research expedition. Click and drag for a full 360-degree view!




Helicopter on ice

360-Degree Video: Helicopter on Ice

Watch a helicopter land on sea ice near MOSAiC researchers in this immersive video captured by scientist Chris Cox. Click and drag for a full 360-degree view!




Parking Miss Piggy

360-Degree Video: Parking Miss Piggy

In this 360-degree video, scientists park a large weather balloon nicknamed "Miss Piggy" in a tent during the 2019-2020 MOSAiC Arctic research expedition. Click and drag for a full 360-degree view!



Tour the Polarstern

Tour the Polarstern

What is it like on board the icebreaker Polarstern? Step on board and take a tour in this 360-degree virtual experience! Check out the scientific lab spaces, enjoy a virtual meal inside one of the mess rooms, and be sure to relax in the on-board sauna. Photo: AWI


MOSAiC planetarium show


Into the Polar Night: MOSAiC Planetarium Show

CU Boulder photographer and videographer Amy Richman spent months in the Arctic last year on leg 1 of MOSAiC. This planetarium show allows viewers to experience what Amy witnessed: finding the initial ice floe, setting up the network of instruments and science research camps on the ice, and the seasonal transition from daylight into 24 hours of polar night. 

Interested in bringing this show to your local planetarium? Email us!