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An international group of educators, photographers, cinematographers, and scientists are teaming together to bring the MOSAiC expedition to everyone and anyone fascinated by the Arctic, including K-16 students across the globe. Bookmark this site and check in regularly for curricula, videos, and other updates from the ship.


What's New

Follow the Polarstern in the Fluid Earth Viewer

Fluid Earth Viewer (FEVer) is an interactive web application that allows you to visualize current and past conditions of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Now you can find the real-time location of the Polarstern in the viewer! See what conditions are like for the current expedition participants - air temperature, ocean currents, wind, sea surface temperature, and more.

Portalstern position viewer
Current Polarstern position - click to view.


Museum of MOSAiC Art (MoMOA)
Do you like to draw, paint, sculpt, take photos, build models, knit, sew, write poetry, or engage in any other kind of creative endeavor? We want you to send us photos or scans of your MOSAiC-themed artwork! Submitted artwork will be showcased in the new Museum of MOSAiC Art. Submit your masterpieces here!

MOSAiC + Reach the World
The MOSAiC education team has partnered with Reach the World to bring you more MOSAiC in your week! Every couple of weeks different MOSAiC team members will be featured on the Reach the World MOSAiC expedition page, and classrooms will have the opportunity to participate in video calls with MOSAiC participants. Sign up for Reach the World's Explorer Program to learn more and get involved!

Next video call with MOSAiC team member: Thursday February 20th at 11:00 am Mountain Time join MOSAiC Team Sea Ice member Madison Smith as she talks about how and why scientists study sea ice - watch the live stream here, or sign your classroom up to be on camera here!

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