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An international group of educators, photographers, cinematographers, and scientists are teaming together to bring the MOSAiC expedition to everyone and anyone fascinated by the Arctic, including K-16 students across the globe. Bookmark this site and check in regularly for curricula, videos, and other updates from the ship.


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Join the MOSAiC outreach team at the University of Colorado Boulder for two free two-day virtual workshops to learn how you can incorporate MOSAiC into your classroom and curriculum.


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The MOSAiC education team has partnered with Reach the World to bring you more MOSAiC in your week! Check out the Reach the World MOSAiC expedition page, and learn about the experiences of various MOSAiC team members.


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Looking for polar-related remote learning resources? Check out our list of at-home activities, online interactives, and live events, updated each week!


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Experience first-hand what it is like to be a MOSAiC scientist on the sea ice or on the ship with this free 360-degree virtual Google Expedition!


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Fluid Earth Viewer (FEVer) is an interactive web application that allows you to visualize current and past conditions of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Now you can track the location of the Polarstern directly in the viewer! Click on the thumbnail below to check it out.
Portalstern position viewer
Current Polarstern position - click to view.
What have been your favorite parts of MOSAiC so far? What about the expedition inspires you? Send us photos or scans of your MOSAiC-themed artwork to be showcased in the new Museum of MOSAiC Art.


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