Ice and a Polar Bear

sea ice in water, white and deep blue/green
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Sea ice over edge of Polarstern icebreaker, Photo: Sebastian Grote/AWI

We finally hit sea ice and it is AMAZING. The glow is so strong that it felt like the sun was rising at 3 am. Our ship slowed down to 10 knots. We are switching time zones again! The ice is all broken up and beautiful. I have taken so many pictures... We did another CrossFit session and right after it I saw a polar bear in the distance. So amazing to see them out on the sea ice.  

It is really loud when the ship goes through the ice.

Our ship is followed by a swarm of birds. They eat the algae at bottom of sea ice that is turned over by the ice breaker.

—Anne Gold, the Director of CIRES' Education and Outreach program, is aboard the Russian Akademic Federov icebreaker until late October.