Jeff Welker

Arctic Water Isotope Processes, Welker et al.

Central to MOSAiC is our study of the interactions between sea ice, atmospheric processes and synoptic climatology. We are focused on moisture source processes and isotopic (δ18O, δ2H and d-excess) fractionation and moisture transport within, into and out of the Arctic. Our program of study uses the Arctic Water Isotope Network (AWIN)coupling land-based station measurements with those aboard the Polarstern to measure and track in near real-time Arctic water isotope processes. To learn more about our work, please see: 



Quantify the water vapor and precipitation isotopes from the Polarstern and an adjoining set of land-based stations surrounding the Arctic Ocean

Science Questions

How do sea ice conditions and atmospheric transport attributes control and effect water vapor and precipitation isotope properties in the Arctic and adjoining regions?

What are you most excited about the expedition?

To measure simultaneously, in real time the transport of water vapor within, into and out of the Arctic using advanced technology.

What do you love most about the Arctic?

The complexity of the system, the quiet and the remoteness of the region.