Jessie Creamean

Jessie Creamean, a Colorado State University scientist from Fort Collins, Colorado, will serve as a research scientist aboard MOSAiC on leg 1. Creamean, whose key science focus is ice nucleating particles, will collect aerosol, seawater, sea ice, and snow samples throughout the MOSAiC expedition. 

Q: What instrument(s) will you be working on, and what is your favorite one?

A: "DRUM aerosol sampler"


Collect aerosol, seawater, sea ice, and snow samples; help with on board trace gas analyses

Science Questions

1) How do seasonal changes in sea ice and air mass transport influence INP abundance and sources in the central Arctic?

2) Are marine and sea ice biological processes a significant source of atmospheric INPs as compared to terrestrial sources?

3) Are open water environments such as leads and melt ponds viable sources of INPs over the sea ice and do such environments exchange INPs with the atmosphere?

What are you most excited about the expedition?

Experiencing full polar night for the first time!

What do you love most about the Arctic?

It is such a uniquely beautiful environment.