Quick Bite: Icebreakers of the World

10-minute clock icon Quick Bite: Icebreakers of the World

The German research icebreaker Polarstern may have been at the heart of the MOSAiC expedition, but several other icebreakers from various countries like Russia served important roles resupplying the Polarstern with fuel and exchange personnel. Icebreakers come in all shapes, sizes, and icebreaking capabilities. What countries around the world have icebreakers? Why would a country want to have an icebreaker? 


Take a look at this graphic showing the major icebreakers owned by various countries that are either in operation, being constructed, or planned. What do you notice? How are the various kinds of icebreakers different? Why do you think this is? Which country has the most icebreakers? What benefit would an icebreaker be to a country? Can you find the Polarstern or the MOSAIC Russian support icebreaker Fedorov? What are their characteristics? 

Graphic: Major icebreakers of the world

Icebreakers: An Overview