Quick Bite: What is the Winter Solstice? 

10-minute clock icon Quick Bite: What is the Winter Solstice? 

The Northern Hemisphere winter solstice usually takes place on or around December 21st. So what exactly is the winter solstice? 

Watch this video from NASA of the earth as it orbits around the sun over the course of a year (one seasonal cycle). You won't actually see the sun, as the video has you positioned as if you were orbiting with the earth from a fixed vantage point. The Northern Hemisphere winter solstice happens at about 3 seconds into the video. Using this hint, can you define what the winter solstice is? If you'd like to watch the earth orbit the sun from a different reference point, check out this seasons interactiveExtension: Does everyone in the world experience the solstice the same?


What is the Winter Solstice?