Video Questions

The MOSAiC education team wants to hear from people who are passionate and curious about climate change: Send us a video asking a question about the Arctic! Your video may be included in a planetarium show about the MOSAiC Arctic climate expedition, and may be used in social media, too.


Capture a video (in horizontal or vertical format)

If you are 18 years or older:

  • Before stating your question, you must say on camera, “My name is ___(insert full name here)___ and I consent to MOSAiC and partners using this video for MOSAiC and social media.”
  • Pause for 3 seconds 
  • Then ask your question 
  • Submit your video via this form, or post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube with the hashtag: #AskMOSAIC

 If you are younger than 18:

  • Ask your parent and/or guardian to sign this consent form.
  • Email your signed and scanned consent form to, subject: #askmosaic
  • In your email, tell us your name, your age, and where you are from.