NSF-Funded MOSAiC Projects

Analysis to evaluate and improve model performance in the Central Arctic: Unique perspectives from autonomous platforms during MOSAiC. 1805569. Gijs de Boer (PI), John Cassano (Co-PI), Dale Lawrence (Co-PI), Brian Argrow (Co-PI).

Arctic water isotope cycle processes and patterns in the Central Arctic during an International Arctic Drift Expedition (MOSAiC). 1852614. Jeffrey Welker (PI) and Eric Klein (Co-PI). 

Chemical, Physical and Biological processes linking snow and sea ice to the Arctic Ocean mixed layer: Improving models through the MOSAiC platform. 1735862Robert Rember (PI), Meibing Jin (Co-PI) Hajo Eicken (Co-PI), Ana Aguilar-Islas (Co-PI), Kristen Buck (Co-PI).

Chemistry of reactive gases in the Arctic sea ice and atmosphere. 1914781. Detlev Helmig (PI), Byron Blomquist (Co-PI), Laurens Ganzeveld (Co-PI), William Sturges (Co-PI).

Collaborative Research: Defining the atmospheric deposition of trace elements into the Arctic ocean-ice ecosystem during the year-long MOSAiC ice drift. 

Collaborative Research: Improving the Prediction of Sea Ice through Targeted Study of Poorly Parameterized Sea Ice Processes at MOSAiC and Responsive Model Development.

Collaborative Research: Quantifying microbial controls on the annual cycle of methane and oxygen within the ultraoligotrophic Central Arctic during MOSAiC.

Collaborative Research: The Role of Planktonic Lower Trophic Levels in Carbon and Nitrogen Transformations in the Central Arctic, a MOSAiC proposal

Collaborative Research: Surface Exchange of Climate-Active Trace Gases in a Sea Ice Environment During MOSAiC. 

Collaborative Research: Thermodynamic and dynamic drivers of the Arctic sea ice mass budget at MOSAiC. 

Enhancing the Value of MOSAiC through Coordination and Outreach. 1839104. Matthew Shupe (PI) and Anne Gold (Co-PI)

Monitoring Sea Ice Evolution with Ultrawideband Microwave Radiometry in the MOSAiC Campaign. 1838401. Joel Johnson (PI) and Kenneth Jezek (Co-PI) 

Parameterizing sub-grid Arctic snow-on-sea-ice processes in Earth System Models using MOSAiC field observations and realistic-resolution process models. 1820927. Glen Liston

AON: Sustained observation and analysis of the Arctic upper ocean thermohaline stratification